Cover design for the Oranjewoud Festival edition of the Dutch national VPRO Gids. Nestled in the heart of one of the most beautiful parklands, this annual festival blends music, art and nature in a unique way.

Complementing an article on ballet shoes, this VPRO Gids cover adresses the love-hate dynamic that resonates with numerous ballet dancers and their relationship with these essential dance accessories.

November Music is an eleven-day festival for adventurous music lovers. Every year it brings together the most idiosyncratic and progressive makers and musicians from around the world.

After the sudden departure of the Americans and their Western allies, almost all foreign journalists left Afghanistan. Journalist Thomas Erdbrink  decides to spend a few months in Kabul. In the four-part documentary series Our Man in the Taliban he experiences how the new rulers are tightening the reins a little more every day.